I don’t always enjoy writing; I enjoy having written. If you are a writer, you know exactly what I mean.  Fortunately, I’ve been paid to write since I was 18 while a student at UCLA.  It helps that I have personally interviewed over 25,000 working as a research moderator. Talk about a great place to find stories!

Writing projects include everything from feature films, TV pilots, short films, kids jokes, white papers and research reports. What that means for me is that I have a rather ruthless approach to editing. Does it work? If not, let’s fix it. Shonda Rhimes says that almost all notes are “I don’t understand.”  Given a choice between being right and being effective, I choose being effective.

I really love telling stories.
Working on my next script.

I’ve won 59 awards for creative excellence, which includes everything from managing advertising agencies to writing/producing/voicing animated shorts.  Awards include Addy’s, AMY’s. EFFIE’s and even a gold pencil, as well as 19 awards for short films in the last year alone.

My screenwriting teachers include Ben Frahm (Screenwriting, Newhouse School at Syracuse University) and Alan Kingsberg (Stony Brook, Columbia University).  I’ve also studied comedy and improv with UCB, The PIT, Magnet Theater, NY Comedy School, with teachers such as Daniel Dratch, Jeff Justice, Amy Poehler, Ali Farahnakian, Jen Nails, Julie Brister, Sean Conroy and Billy Merritt.

I completed NYU’s Film Certification in 2021, COVID and all, and attended 10 online weekend master classes with the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers).