When I create things, it’s a whole thing.  Like costumes, props, snacks, a song, maybe a toy.  I love bringing ideas to life.  The Corporate Knobs (Landalor.com) was originally a short film, then an online series, then a website with fake ads, then an online show and (someday) a feature film.  North Star (or what I listened to instead of my intuition) is my fifth one-woman show. It’s also a soundtrack, a place to find mental health resources, and a series of over 30+ short comedic films.

I talk about serious subjects
in a funny way.
And I bring all the things…

When we originally launched this website, I held an event that was like a curated museum experience complete with short films, songs, kids jokes, an arts and crafts station, photography and a beautiful white custom cake that we got for the event that I by accidentally sat on (trust me it was the highlight of the party).

Ask me about my other creations such as The Potato Family and Project Spudway (award winning short films); Mrs. Dan the Adventure Dog (TV series), The Practice Room (feature film script) and much more.