Lori Hamilton
Makes Stuff Happen

Hi. I’m an award-winning writer, director, performer, and creator with 69 awards for creative excellence, including 28 for short films. My work includes a variety of work – from Project Spudway, a take off of Project Runway with animated potatoes, to Landalor Industries, a serious corporate satire to North Star (or what I listened to instead of my intuition), a one-woman show from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to 150+ short films, comedy bits, TV pilots and feature film scripts.

North Star Receives Rave Reviews at Edinburgh Fringe

Known by my mom as “the child who ruined my life” – i had to find my way to overcome her family baggage – with music, comedy and dance!  It’s all in my  new solo show, North Star (or what I listened to instead of my intuition).  Directed by the award-winning Sean Daniels with a line-up of Broadway musicians on the soundtrack

28 Awards for Short Films
71 Awards for Creative Excellence
150+ Short Films


Classically Trained
Comedy Goddess

From UCB to UCLA, I’ve trained around the world as an actor, singer, dancer and improviser. I’ve received rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Brighton Fringe and Rochester Fringe. I’ve appeared in multiple indie films, Nurse Jackie, and sung with the Atlanta Opera, Boston Symphony and UCLA Jazz Club.


Making Stuff Happen

The Greeks didn’t say “you are genius,” they said, “you have genius,” meaning the Great Creator. That’s how things work for me. I get ideas and then I make them. Otherwise, they wake me up in the middle of the night, and I enjoy sleep.  I like writing serious things in a funny way and have been grateful to win 59 awards for my work.


Telling Serious Stories in a Funny Way

I’ve been paid as a writer since I was 18 and started supporting myself in college. Thanks goes to my incredible teachers Alan Kingsberg, Ben Frahm, Daniel Dratch, Brian Kiley and numerous teachers at UCB, The PIT and Magnet Theater. I’ve won 28 awards for short films and 68 awards for writing and marketing excellence.  Projects include TV and film scripts, short films, stand up comedy and a critically acclaimed show from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I also write kids jokes.


Boss Lady Vibes

I’ve been running my own company for over 10 years, and I’ve learned a lot about how to make the most of the talents around me. I’ve taken 11 master classes with the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers), completed a certification program in Film/TV with NYU, continued my studies with Alan Kingsburg (Stony Brook TV/Film program) and private coaching with Ben Frahm (Professor of Film and TV, Syracuse University).

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